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KYC Legal

ICO KYC LEGAL will end on the 1st of April, 2018.

KYC Legal

Accounting and confidential data are becoming attractive objects for hacking and theft. In today’s world, mankind has many problems with fragmented and scattered identification systems — but does not receive any of the promised advantages, such as increased data confidentiality, dispersed risk or optimization of verification processes. Despite the fact that these systems are defect, the high rate of digital penetration has already led to the situation that more than half of the world’s population uses online services and digital payment systems, which requires user identification.

What is KYC Legal?

KYC.legal is an authentication system. ICO platform began in December. KYC.legal, as you may have guessed from the title, has aim to provide a better system for testing your client’s knowledge (KYC). Today, banks, financial institutions and crypto-currency exchanges should comply with the requirements of KYC. Basically, it means that these organizations must collect and verify personal information from clients. It is designed to prevent fraud, and is also often combined with the verification requirements of the money laundering (AML).

In any case, KYC.legal wants to create a better system for checking KYC / AML. This system is aimed to provide advantages of users and companies by developing a single, unified, user-friendly solution. Instead of individual fill requirements KYC from each service provider you can locate this on one platform.

The legal advantages of KYC

KYC.legal offers the following advantages for users:

  • Personal information is protected with encryption and biometric data
  • Data located on the user’s device
  • User can choose what information it provides
  • Verification of documents are available with a digital signature

To Suppliers:

  • Reliable information about all users
  • Warns about fake or duplicate user profiles
  • Possibility to support compliance with KYC
  • The ecosystem for interaction with customer and services

How the legal work of KYC really works?

KYC.legal consists of software for Android and iOS. Users transmit personal data through this platform. Then this information is verified by the agent. Crypto-currency exchanges, ICOs, banks, funds and others may request information from users. The user verifies the request and then the data sends to KYC platform.

Usually, this verification process takes about 30 minutes. When you download and use the app KYC Legal, all personal and biometric data become encrypted. As soon as personal data is checked, the application converts it to a cryptographic hash, sends it on the public block-chain and removes all personal information from the servers.

KYC Legal - How it works


There is a total stock of 42 million KYC tokens. 80% of these tokens go to the ICO, 15% to the KYC team and 5% to the operating expenses. The maximum size for ICO is 35 million US dollars. The KYC marks are the ERC20 markers and they built on the Ethereum block chain. Tokens rate are: 1 US dollar = 1 KYC.

ICO was launched on 1 December and will continue until March 1 or end earlier if project reach HardCap, which is 35mln$.

ICO data

How to participate in the ICO?

In order to participate in the token sale, you need to go to the website https://kyc.legal, make a quick registration and click the button «buy tokens». Then just follow the instructions presented on the website.
The value of the token will directly depend on the time of purchase: the earlier buyers will have more discounts. KYC.legal – will significantly simplify the verification of clients. Identification will take a small amount of time – not more than 45 minutes. All provided data will be strictly monitored for accuracy. Safety, efficiency, innovativeness and uniqueness — this is a small part of reasons to buy tokens KYC.Legal.



For this company allocated 2% of all tokens that will be sold in the course of the during ICO.

For the Bounty company is reserved 672 000 tokens KYC, equivalent to 672 000 $ . If the number of participants of the bonuses will be less than 200 active users, total pool distribution will be reduced to 0.5%. An active user is a person who made at least one action in the program.
More information about the program: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2478038




Team KYC Legal

Summary of KYC.legal

In the document US.legal mentions that 100,000 users trying to open accounts in services that require KYC checks every day. All these users depend on the KYC verification process, however, currently no global, simplified KYC process. That’s what KYC.legal hopes to create.

KYC.legal aimed at creating a solution based on blockchain for today’s problems. Using, KYC.legal, all customers can download their information through the app, check out this information and then easily share this information with any platform.

Overall, KYC.legal has great potential to achieve something new for small businesses. The team is able to handle all the necessary tasks to make this project successful. Buy a token today and become a partner of a New revolutionary blockchain, the future leader of cryptomeria!


Website: https://kyc.legal/

WhitePaper: https://kyc.legal/WhitePaper-RUS.pdf

Telegram: https://t.me/KYCLEGAL

Twitter: https://twitter.com/KYCLegal/

Author: Dmitry Kalgushkin

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