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Today we are going to talk about the HealthBlocks project which represents a new exciting trend in crypto — HealthToEarn.

HealthBlocks Dapp - track your biometrics and earn HEALTH tokens

Nowadays our lives become more and more connected to a digital world, this process is obvious and seems to be inevitable. And along with all the opportunities that come with this technological progress, we also see some side effects impacting people’s health.

For example in most of the modern IT jobs we can see the same picture — people are sitting at the table, staring at the monitor and moving their fingers while surfing the Internet, chatting in messengers or writing some program code. And that’s how they spend all day, almost every day. How healthy does this lifestyle look like?

If we add here the fact that many of these people are gaming and movie fans, we will see the bigger picture — they are using the same technologies not only for work but for their rest too. The whole life is being spent on the screens of TVs, PCs and smartphones. Ok, but why not use the same screens and gadgets to improve your health? Especially when you get paid for that!

Well, I bet the HealthBlocks team definitely had similar thoughts when they planned their project several years ago.

HealthBlocks is a blockchain based ecosystem which collects your personal health data, gained from different kinds of wearable devices and fitness gadgets. Using their Dapp you can generate, store, exchange and analyze this data in a trusted manner. Let’s briefly go through all of these modules.


Data generation

First the HealthBlocks system needs to get some real world data related to the user’s biometry and health parameters. Such data is gathered by wearable devices such as AppleWatch or Fitbit. This can also be different kinds of smart scales, sleep monitors etc.

All these devices are not private by their design at the current stage and soon they may be replaced with self-produced gadgets by HealthBlocks. They are planning to develop their own: smart scales, blood pressure monitors, fitness trackers, smart watches, blood glucose monitor, sleep monitor and many more devices.

By connecting your devices and apps you start generating data which is then ascribed to your Health Profile. For doing so you are getting rewarded with HEALTH — the native token of the HealthBlocks ecosystem. It is built on the fast, secure and highly scalable IoTeX blockchain platform, specializing in connecting real world data to on-chain Dapps.

The other way to provide the necessary data is passing daily quizzes. People answer 4 questions about how they perceive their health for a certain subject. This activity is also rewarded with HEALTH tokens.

HealthBlocks - HEALTH token utility

Data storage

All the data gathered from a particular HealthBlocks user is stored in his Health Profile. Each user fully controls his Health Profile and can use it for any purposes. This can be, for example:

Getting more insights in his health.
Earning HEALTH tokens by reaching some health goals.
Exchanging valuable private data with trusted parties and companies to get paid for this or to get some professional advice.

Any kind of such interactions should be possible while data ownership and privacy issues remain under user’s full control. Gladly HealthBlocks is built on the IoTeX blockchain platform which allows it to work with Decentralized Identities (DID). IoTeX has developed a unique DID system which empowers users and devices to own and control their data, and securely utilize it in the ecosystem.

HealthBlocks ecosystem

Data exchange

There are many possible ways of how the stored health data may be used by the interested projects and companies. For example, these can be trusted datapools where users can opt in to share data privately in return for rewards. Different kinds of commercial parties or research institutes may be interested in such datapools.

Such entities are treated like data requesters. HealthBlocks users can provide their health data to these data pools or cancel the given access at any time. Their datasets are shared anonymously and there is full transparency about the purposes of such private data requests.

Data requesters pay a fee for setting up a data pool. Most of this fee is paid as a reward to the data contributors and a small part goes to HealthBlocks.

Another interesting option here is creating activity pools to incentivize people to get active and motivate them to work on their health. Lifestyle brands like Nike or Adidas can launch an activity pool with the condition of running 10 miles with X reward for The Ocean Cleanup and X reward for HealthBlocks users who complete this activity. The reward for the HealthBlocks user may be a portion of X HEALTH tokens and a branded NFT for completing the challenge. People get profit and health, brand gets advertisement and reputation — It’s a pure win-win scheme!

HealthBlocks - health data the way you never saw it before

Data analysis

Gathering, storing and selling your health data is definitely a good way to earn, but we began this article with health questions. HealthBlocks mission is to improve healthy lifespan around the globe. So how can we use the potential of this ecosystem to improve our health? How can all this collected data help us to better understand our own body and mind? How can we determine in which direction our health is developing in the short and long term? In fact, these are the key questions HealthBlocks Dapp can help us with.

HealthBlocks plan is to focus on prevention and prediction to let users increase their chances on more healthy years. The project will soon offer its own health services using the stored private data, so the users will be able to actively work on their health and create a personalized digital health experience. These services will be focused on different aspects of health and will cover all the possible needs and cases. For example, this can be:

  • telehealth consulting,
  • AI data analysis and personal health strategy advice,
  • testing and bio analytics,
  • digital health programs and many more.

Nowadays we see that healthcare systems all around the world are facing great challenges. And one of the most important ones is the tremendous amount of people with chronic illness caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Healthcare is innovating very slowly and the technologies we are already using in other spheres of our lives should be definitely brought here as fast as it’s possible now.

HealthBlocks with its Health2Earn model can play a decisive role in this long-awaited evolution. We will keep watching this project development and wish good luck to the team!

HealthBlocks roadmap

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