StarCrazy — a new cool Play-to-Earn game built on the IoTeX platform

Ok, let’s start this new rubric with a review on an interesting and funny NFT-game from the IoTeX network — StarCrazy.

StarCrazy - a new cool Play-to-Earn game built on the IoTeX platform

Today we all are watching the rising hype around NFTs and blockchain games. Dozens of cool projects appear every day and hundreds of new bright ideas are constantly implemented here. Sometimes I realise that it’s hard to even just check all the daily news on this market, and if you try to get involved deeper, you should forget about sleeping and spend all your free time here, playing P2E games and gathering weird NFT creatures collection.

StarCrazy is a new funny NFT game built on the IoTeX blockchain. Players can buy, sell and fuse Starz here. These are card-type NFTs in this game, each of them has its own characteristics that affect their abilities to fight or to mine GFT/GFS tokens. Fusing Starz gives you a chance to create more valuable and rare characters. You just combine two cards and get a new one. What you get exactly depends on some hidden algorithm, so this process is quite funny and exciting — you never know what you get.

Combining two cards in StarCrazy

Also you can assign your Starz to mine GFT or GFS tokens for you. And moreover — you can stake your GFT tokens in a liquidity pool for additional earning.

Ok, that might sound quite complicated at first. Let’s talk about these two kinds of StarCrazy tokens.

GFT is the utility token here, its supply is capped at 30 000 000 tokens. All the basic in-game actions like auctioning, trading, fusing, arena fighting and some future activities — are conducted using GFT tokens. Most of GFT supply will be gained from in-game mining, and GFT transaction fees will be partially added to the bonus pool called GFS Syrup pool where GFS holders can get rewards for staking their GFS tokens.

GFS is a governance token of the GameFantasy ecosystem. Its total supply is capped at 30 000 000 tokens and all these tokens are created for players (no team share here, 100% of the tokens are mined and 100% are player-earned). GFS will give their holders some exclusive in-game features and mining rewards (in GFT tokens). They also will provide governance rights in the StarCrazy DAO. GFS tokens can be earned by providing liquidity for IOTX-GFT pair on Mimo Finance market and staking IOTX-GFT LP tokens in StarCrazy app.

StarCrazy - GFS and GFT tokens tokenomics

Ok, now let’s talk about the game mechanics here.

First you need to download and install the app (Android and iOS versions available). And also you will need some IOTX and GFT tokens to start playing. You can buy these tokens at Mimo.Finance. And I think we will see some other major exchanges listings here soon. IOTX is the native token of the IoTeX ecosystem and all the transaction fees are paid in these coins. GFT is an in-game currency, so you will need it anyway.

Attention! Make sure you have at least 10 IOTX in your wallet for gas. There must be at least 10 IOTX as a maintaining balance in your wallet to be able to make any transaction in the game!

There are 4 main sections in the game menu:

  1. My Starz. Here you can see your NFT cards and explore their characteristics. Each of your Starz has its own digging power, rarity and ID.
  2. Fuse. Here you can combine your NFTs to have a chance to form a new character with better characteristics and higher digging power.
  3. Market. This is a place where you can buy and sell Starz. You can either use a Free Market or Official Auction section here.
  4. Starmine. There are several options here.
    • You can stake your NFTs to earn GFT tokens.
    • Syrup Pool — stake your GFS and earn GFT tokens.
    • LPMining — here you can stake IOTX-GFT and get GFS tokens for this.

So, what are the main characteristics of Starz? How to choose the right one to get higher earnings?

Each of these creatures has its unique ID, digging power parameter and rarity: N, R, SR, SSR and USSR… just joking, relax 🙂 The best quality is named UR, which means Ultra Rare I suppose. Each of these rarity types has its own color.

StarCrazy creatures - rare parts

Also you can notice that each body part of your Star has its own rarity but frankly I didn’t get the idea. Maybe this will be counted in somehow — in the future game updates.

The main parameter we are looking at now — is the digging power. And it’s quite simple — the more it is, the more GFTs you will earn from NFT-staking.

So the basic aim here is to get more powerful Starz by buying on the market and combining them in the Fuse section. More total digging power -> more GFT earned by NFT-staking -> more Starz bought on the market -> more fusing -> more total digging power… and so on 🙂

Soon we will see some new interesting features here. The team’s announced PvP arena battles so the gaming process will become more exciting and thus GFT/GFS token price may rise.

This game may be a first fruit in a future row of such games in the IoTeX ecosystem and probably its Starz will have great value in a year or two.

So I advise you to have a closer look:

StarCrazy roadmap

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